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local Delivery

  • Bespoke Floral Styling - One of a kind - we don't make the same arrangement twice
    Our flowers are not typical arrangements you’d find at other shops or via larger floral companies/services. Each piece is made specifically for you/your recipient. We’ve never made the same thing twice! You can share what you liked about what you saw, whether color, flower choice, or style, and we will work with you to make something that is truly yours/from you!
  • How far in advance can I order?
    We do ask for your consideration in placing orders at least 48 hours in advance, but we understand the occasional flower emergency and do our best to accommodate. Please note, it is extremely rare that we are able to offer same-day service.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    Blossom'Li currently delivers only to the Philadelphia/County areas however if you need delivery to NJ or Delaware, please send an inquiry before placing an order as we we may be able to accommodate but there is no guarantee.
  • How do I maintain my flowers?
    It is extremely important to ensure that your arrangement is living in fresh water, please replace water every two days. Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight. Because flowers are natural living things, Blossom'Li can not guarantee the full lifespan but following the mention steps above will allow flowers to thrive for as long as possible. Our floral art is to ensure that you or your recipient can enjoy the flowers at all stages of their life span. All sales are final.
  • Does Blossom'Li have a store front?
    Currently we do not have a store front nor do we store remade arrangements.
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